WOW! This is a breath of fresh air blowing across all of new releases I’ve been buried in lately. Hailing from the home of the mighty Slipknot, Iowa’s Green Death aren’t afraid to show their influences, yet they twist them all up into a mix of their own.  Their influences are all over the map, from the thrashy sounds of early Anthrax to The Cult to Type O Negative, with some old school crossover metal/punk thrown in for good measure.  Sol Bales has the ability to sing like no other and his abilities shine here.

What Green Death have done with The Deathening is create a masterpiece that winds in and out of some awesome metal songs with humor and random shit, such as some sewer pipes making noise on the first song, “From the Depths.” “Green Death” sounds like an old DRI song, with a pre-1950 sample of a warning for the Green Death experiment. It’s short (1:13), but the point is made! “Split the Skies” is the first full-length song and a great album opener.  Bales’ voice takes on an evil persona and the song falls somewhere in the vein of old thrash.  “Skeleton Man” is another epic throwback to old thrash, that slows to a chugging, slow grind.  The riffs here, by guitarists Erich Tran and Mark Reinking, are heavy and thrashy.  The chorus is memorable and catchy.

“Possessions” is an all together different animal.  It is true death metal featuring original Slipknot singer Anders Colsefni who provides the deepest, most guttural vocals on the entire album.  It is a very cool, short, and brutal song.  “The Devils Hand/Bathed in Black” is heavy and chugging, an obvious tribute to Type O Negative, but, again, the influence isn’t overwhelming.  The guitars actually remind me of ’80s Billy Duffy from The Cult.  “S.T.B.” (which stands for “Split the Basket”) is a nod to the band’s favorite restaurant in Des Moines, Zombie Burger.  They even filmed a video there for the song.  It is blasting and ferocious, and it gets the point across.

“Creature Feature” and the title track are my favorites, and both are pure thrash a la Among the Living/State of Euphoria Anthrax.  They form the perfect farewell for the album and provide an overall view of what Green Death can do.

This album has been constantly in rotation for a solid week for me.  I don’t skip any songs and listen to it over and over.  It’s that good.  Green Death is a band you will hear about in the future, I can guarantee that!

The Deathening will be released on December 20 on Confuse and Offend Records.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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