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Yesterday the heavy metal world stood still for nine minutes at 3pm(EST), and it was because of two words…Black Sabbath. The legends unleashed the first single off of “13“(Coming On June 11th) and the response was HUGE! Fans all over the globe shared this song with each other, and with all of the insanity going on in the world right now, for nine minutes yesterday everything was okay! That’s the beauty of music!

So what is “God Is Dead?” all about? Where did Ozzy get his inspiration from? The Metal God spoke to Zane Lowe’s BBC show about where the lyrics came from, “How I got that title was I was in somebody’s office and there was a magazine on a table and it just said, ‘God Is Dead,’ and I suddenly thought about 9/11 and all these terrorist things and religion and how many people have died in the name of religion. When you think about the tragedy that’s happened throughout time, it just came in my head. You’d think by now that their God would have stopped people dying in the name of, so I just starting thinking that people must be thinking, ‘Where is God? God is dead’ and it just hit me. At the end of the thing, there’s still a bit of hope because there I sing that I don’t believe that God is dead. ”

Listen to “God Is Dead?” again below! All hail Sabbath!


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